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Can You Help???
I looked in the eyes of a homeless child. How much sadness in his eyes.  He wanted to play and laugh and relax but he felt so uncomfortable.  He was a little dirty but not much, was playing on the ground with a toy.  He said mommy I'm hungry and she pulled out a piece of a muffin.  He cried and said I need real food, no more cakes!!! and he cried.  it hurt my heart to see him.  He has started messing his pants.  Why, I asked.  He said, "I hold it till I can't hold it no more", I said but why don't you use the bathroom. He said," because I don't feel comfortable anywhere".
He felt lost and afraid, not knowing what parking lot they would sleep in tonight.  How do you look at a homeless person, today I saw only a little boy of 5yrs old, confused, sad and needing our help.  Please Help us Help Them Today!!!!!


Help us Help Families in Need. 

Our lists of families in need is growing, this weekend we have a mom with cancer and 5yr old daughter in need of $560 for rent and utility assistance. 

We have a family who has been staying in their car for 3 months with 3 kids.  They need about $2000 to move into an apartment. As with most of our families their credit is worse than worse and need assistance desperately.  They have saved $1000 but have not been able keep it as day by day they need to feed the kids, pay for gas and just surviving in the streets.  So it keeps trickling away daily as they earn it.  They are working but can't seem to get out of this hole.  We have a few landlords we have talked to who have possibly a place for this one but we are looking for more landlords with affordable rents in good areas preferrably.  We want to move them where we would move ourselves, feed them what we ourselves would eat, and treat them as we ourselves would want to be treated. Dignity and respect.

We have 2 families in urgent need right now.,  One family has 6 children, mom and dad.  Dad is working and mom has Lupus.  The oldest son is 17 and working too. They need $1500 to pay for just a deposit and $1500 for the first months rent. 

Our second family of mom, dad (both working) and 3 kids, needs to get $2800 to move into an apartment.  This is strictly the deposit because their credit is poor.  The property owner is willing to take a chance but is requiring a large deposit. This family has been turned down for other places due to credit so this is a good opportunity for them.  The funds for both families is needed asap.  We need to move quickly to ensure they don't loose the places available.

These families have maintained in hotels for  over 6 months but can't get ahead because they spend daily and weekly just to maintain in the hotels.

We have paid for hotel costs, food and more but we are limited with out your support.  Please help us help these families

We have several families we need to help.    We need landlords willing to take a chance.  We may also be paying for the rent for 6 mos to ensure stability. Once we place the families in the homes we will work with them on increasing their income through job advancements, provide training to advance skills, and work on credit issues to help them budget and work out a plan for future problems that occur in all homes. But now they will be prepared to handle them instead of loosing everything when troubles come. 

Help us Help a Family in Need.



Families in need are growing day by day.  What can you do to help??

Larry and his wife have 5 teenagers.  A little over a year ago Larry was laid off.  Although he tried to support his family, he lost his home.  The family stayed with few friends and family but since they have an eviction they are unable to rent a home.  Larry is now a truck driver and would like to buy a home.  He would actually qualify if all of his money didn’t go to the hotel rooms.  Because all of his children are teenagers the hotel requires they take 2 rooms.  It costs him $100 a day to stay in a hotel at least because he must take 2 rooms.  Larry is trying to send his teenagers out of state to family for the summer so he and his wife can work and find a place while the kids are gone.  It is never easy to send your children away but it’s the only way they can work and save money to get a deposit for a place.  Larry and his wife work full time and are capable of paying rent.  The eviction took place at a time when they were not prepared to loose a job.  The lay off was sudden and they quickly lost everything.  They are doing everything they can to improve the life for their children.  There children are at a crucial age in life when everything is already confusing.  Peer pressure, living in a hotel, not knowing tomorrow, being homeless as a teenager is something Larry and his wife never wanted to see for their family and once they find a home will make sure their children will never have to go through something so traumatic again. 

The good news is that Larry now has been able to find an apartment.  Thanks to the combined efforts of Childrens Fund, St Vincent de Paul, Water of Life Church and A Christian Place Magazine funding was provided to pay for deposits and first months rent.  Larry is now working for a trucking company, his wife still working at the credit union and they have been in thier home for a year now.  They just needed a little help to get them into a home.  Praise God for those who reach out and help.  Can God use you today to help someone else.  Call 909-476-0551



Can you help afamily?  Do you have a place to rent for a family?  Do you have a home that maybe you are willing to rent to own?  They are capable to pay the rent.  They just need someone to give them a second chance. Is that someone YOU??  Families like Larry call us everyday.  We need landlords willing to work with us.  We are working with families to get back on their feet.  There are families we send to credit counseling to work on their credit but in the meanwhile they need someone to help.  It’s so hard to focus on tomorrow when you don’t know what to do today.  Your help can be to help someone find a job. Or you can may have an apartment of home available to rent.  Take a chance and reach out to one of these families.  Maybe a group can adopt one of these families and help them through this situation.  Does your church have a group that would join together to find a home for a homeless family?  We also have families that are near homeless.  We are also looking for people who would like to help prevent a family from becoming homeless.  If you would like to help we will connect you directly with a family so you can talk to them one on one.  Please call 909-476-0551 

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