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We are a National Magazine with local branches.  We connect the community, government and church together to build a working relationship to benefit all. We are dedicated to raising the awareness of the needs of the community and bridging the gap to provide opportunities for community, church, businesses and government to get involved and make a difference. to be like Christ and let His light shine in all we do.


What is A Christian Place Magazine???

A Christian Place Magazine is inspired by our desire to spread God's Word and the blessings He gives us today. Our desire is to share testimonies that will witness to others. We love to sit around and share the testimonials of what God has done in our lives. We also enjoy listening to the testimonials of others. So it is a privilege to share our blessings with you. We hope that you will enjoy them and know that God blesses us everyday. We thank you for the opportunity to present our magazine to you. We hope it will be a blessing to many people. If you have a testimony that you would like to share please send it to us and we will print it in our magazine. We will also have a question and answer section. If you have a question send it to us and we will give it to one of the pastors in the churches that participate in our magazine. We will print the answers in our Q & A section with scripture to verses to answer the questions. We may not be able to answer all questions because God has not revealed many things. His mysteries we will have to ask Him when we see Him face to face in heaven.

Each issue we search to help those in need.  We go out to the community to help the homeless and families in need.  We will come across their stories and hope through those who read about thier situations that someone will be called to assist each family.  Can you help someone?  Is God calling you to be His vessel.  Be open to those around you and open your heart as well as your time and maybe even your pocket.


Would you like to help us help our families?  We are in need of a van.  We transport families as well as deliver food.  Donate a van and recieve a tax deduction for the value of the van.  Thank you and May God Bless You.

A Christian Place Magazine PO Box 91, Alta Loma, Ca 91701