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Transitional Living done Right!!!
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 Hotel Resort Gala Extravaganza
August 24, 2006
We are changing the way you look at the homeless assistance

1.       Provide transitional housing in a new and innovative way.  Families will go through an intense extreme life changing experience with an atmosphere of respect, dignity and style.

2.       Parents will be hired by the Resort so employment will begin immediately, unless they already are working elsewhere.  All clients must work whether at the resort or outside.

3.       Daycare facility will be provided for clients free of charge.  The daycare will also be available to the guests at the hotel.

4.       Credit counseling will also be provided.

5.       Bank accounts with IDA programs to assist in homeownership opportunities.

6.       A luxury hotel resort to provide activities for families to enjoy.  The hotel will be open to the general public and will have a Christian Resort Theme.

7.       This Grand Hotel will be quite costly but will  meet the needs of the community, while assisting homeless families as well.

8.       This Resort will not only provide income and jobs for the community at large but also a great place of activities and fun for families.


 Our Gala for this new program is
August 24th, 2006 -  Tickets are $100
Table sponsorship recognitions are available for sponsors

Diamond Sponsors  - $500,000 +

Ruby Sponsors - $100,000 +

Emerald Sponsors - $50,000+

Sapphire Sponsors  - $10,000 +

Topaz Sponsors - $5,000 +

Pearl Sponsors - $1000+

 This Gala will help us to start this program with local luxury hotels, but we are seeking investors who can see the grand vision and the potential for such a place to be profitable for them and for the community as well.