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Donate a home for our transitional living program
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The Lord said to come bold and expectation!!!!
We have a program to assist homeless families get back on thier feet.  We are looking for homes to house these families and work with them one on one to re-establish their lives.  These families have children suffering right here in our own backyards.  Someone in your own town or area, a child in the same classroom as your child may sleep in a car or park at night.  Even in the wealthiest of areas and schools, children are homeless.  Families stay close to an area they think they can look for work, or are already working in.  SO you never know whom you may know who is homeless. 
A homeless child doesnt always look homeless....
Their parents try to give them the best, and try to help them to fit in where ever they are.  Many children get dressed and ready for school in you local grocery store or fast food place bathrooms then go to school as if life is normal. 
We reach out everyday to help these families.  Help us help them.  Do you have a home you can donate.  Give someone a second chance.
We are looking for homes in all areas.  We will be working with  resource groups in areas through out the country to establish independent living, and transitional living programs.
God Bless you for your giving.